Healthy Snacks

During this quarantine I have been snacking a lot more than I usually do so I thought I would share some of the healthy snacks I have found that taste good!

Smartcakes– love this brand and their low carb/sugar cupcakes with no gluten!

Parmesan Crisps– these low carb/calorie crisps come in so many flavors and are so yummy, my fave is tomato basil

Cucumbers with light cream cheese– I mix the cucumbers with garlic salt and everything but the bagel seasoning and it’s so refreshing and yummy

Frozen Bananas with peanut butter– every night before bed I cut up bananas and put a dab of almond/peanut butter and cinnamon on them and freeze them overnight, after I take them out I drizzle honey on them and they are so amazing

Power Crunch Chocolate Bars– these low sugar, high protein chocolate bars taste like the Crunch chocolate

Miracle Noodles– 0 calories and taste like real noodles! They are gluten and guilt freeee

Oatmega Bars– perfect for a quick snack and so yummy

Healthy Kettle corn– so yummy and addicting, perfect blend of sweet and salty

Buffalo Cauliflower– so yummy link to recipe here

Dark Chocolate Almonds– my favorite when I am craving something sweet, I get mine from Central Market or Whole Foods

Trail Mix– so simple yet so satisfying



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