Cabo/San Jose Munch Guide

Flora Farms– my all time favorite EVER, they have the cutest little shops and fresh produce you can take home as well as live music! So much fun and great for people with food allergies (GF pizza is the best) *food photo here*

SUR Beach House– on the water with a little beach, live music, and amazing food *food photo here*

The Manta– in the Cape Hotel, with the best Asian fusion and an AMAZING avocado cocktail, definitley not for kids *food photo here*

Acre– great for dietary restrictions, but not really a family place! Great food and has the coolest vibe

El Farallon– restaurant on the rock with the most amazing view, very romantic

Los Tres Gallos– great outdoor seating, fun atmosphere

Bar Esquina– such a fun bar with great cocktails

Toro– such a fun restaurasnt with yummy food

La Lupita– great tacos and live music

Las Ventanas– amazing food and fun to ride horses on the hotel beach during the day, great view


For more restaurant ideas follow my foodagram!


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