Hair Care Routine

I’ve had some girls ask me what I use for my hair so here are some of my fave products!

BIG thanks to Melissa at Osgood O’neil in Snider Plaza or transforming my hair––she is the best!

Plumping Shampoo– the best for volume

Plumping Conditioner– ^^^

Heat Defense for Wet Hair– always a must to protect your hair after you wash and want to blow dry

Hairspray– the best hair spray that leaves your hair smelling AMAZING and doesn’t give it that crunchy feel––sometimes I just use this as texture spray for volume and it works great

Heat Defense for Dry Hair– always a must to protect your hair after you blow dry and want to touch up with a hot tool

Detangler– helps with those stubborn knots

Shine treatment– great for using before a blow dry

Aerosol Dry Shampoo– I try to wash my hair once every other day so this is great for when your hair gets oily! PRO TIP–use before bed to avoid powder-y roots

Powder Dry Shampoo– ^^

Hair Perfume– amazing and doesn’t make your hair oily

Hair Softening Mask– I use this once a month and it works great for keeping my hair healthy

Hair Repair Mask– I SWEAR BY THIS!! I use this once a week before shampooing to help my hair stay strong

Color Brightener– great for blondes to use before shampooing

Hairbrush– the famous brush!

Hairdryer– loveee this hair dryer!! Curls, straightens, and blow dries all in one

Curling Wand– love the beach-y waves it creates

Hair Straightener– the best ever

No-Heat Curls– the comfiest hair rollers ever

Treatment by Olaplex– I use this routine once a week, it has changed my hair and I swear by this




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