My Skincare Routine

My skin has been on a crazy journey so I thought I would share some products I use that have helped me along the way!

During the day:

Face wash– this is simple, but I love this face wash and have been using it for years

Mask– my favorite peel off mask that does wonders

Hydration Serum– love this one because it’s so gentle and not thick and sticky like other serums

Tanning Drops– I mix this in with my moisturizer to give me a little bit of a tan

Moisturizer– I love this moisturizer because it isn’t oily and has a ton of SPF in it

Eye Cream– took me forever to find an eye cream I actually like and this one is amazing!


During the night:

Exfoliating face wash– love this face wash with beads to get all of the makeup off and get your skin ready for bed

Makeup remover gel– smooth and sensitive on your skin and smells soooooo good

Face washing brush– I love this small and easy vibrating face massager that customizes to your skin type

Pore strips– for those stubborn black heads this is perfect

Toner– my favorite refreshing toner that doesn’t sting

Eye Gel– perfect for relaxing your eyes and making them super smooth

Nighttime Serum– great for even spot treatment

Moisturizer– not oily and super lightweight

Eye Cream– very oily and thick but great for nighttime, I always make sure to wash it off in the morning

Eyelash Serum– my secret is out!! been using this for 2 years now

Skin Tightener/Scrubber– I use this every night after I apply all my products and it is a life saver, it gets out all of the excess oil from your products and lifts your skin at the same time






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