Dorm Room Essentials

With college coming up I thought I would share some of my dorm essentials that I picked out!

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Individual dresser– this is perfect for you and your roommate to match plus it has outlets!

Art Wall Prints– super simple and cute wall prints to brighten up your room!

Chair cover– most colleges don’t allow you to remove the ugly furniture they out in your room, so this chair cover is perfect for transforming your chair into a stylish and cute chair matching your room!

Clip on lamp– my roommate and I decided to loft our beds to the very top to have more room for storage and this lamp is great for beds up high when doing school work

Desk Lamp– perfect for knick knacks and jewelry

Lights– best for making your room bright and feel home-y

Bed Rail Cubby– great for lofted beds!

Photo Collage– love this idea for a collage that you don’t have to make and can easily hang up

Monogram Robe– super cute, duh!

Mini Vacuum– just trust me

Full length mirror– to see your full outfit!

Steamer for clothes– perfect for when you attend formals and nice events, and it’s wayyy  better than ironing

Mattress topper– comfort is key

Makeup/perfume/desk organizer– great way to be organized!

Printer– great for last minute prints when you aren’t near the library

Shower Caddy– perfect for keeping all your toiletries in one place for showering

Laundry bag/hamper– better than having a pile of clothes on the floor

Hair utensil organizer– no more messing with tangled cords!

Diffuser– keeps your room smelling delicious and is better for you than the cheap artificial plug ins

Closet and shoe organizers– you will need it!

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