Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2020

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I thought it would be a great idea to give you all some ideas on what to get your mamas!

Karen Lazar Bracelets – super cute and simple bracelets you can stack! I’ve had mine for a couple of years and they have stayed in great condition.

Chunky Hoops– super stylish and simple everyday hoops from Jennifer Fisher! I love mine and wear them almost everyday.

Charm Bracelet– a great way to put some thought into your gift and get creative! Dainty and super cute bracelet that you can customize with charms from Jennifer Fisher.

Venus Et Fleur– long-lasting flowers that smell amazing and are delivered right to your door!

Canvas Paintings– these cute and colorful canvas paintings of your family is a great gift idea!

Food Basket– for the long distance mom these yummy baskets are to die for and are so sweet!

Personalized Phone Cases– these adorable and trendy phone cases are the perfect gift!

Purple Pillow– the best pillow of all time.

Perfume Sampler– the perfect gift for someone who is looking for new perfumes to try or for someone who likes to always have perfume on them.

Slippers– my all time favorite slippers for around the house!

Blowout Brush– a cheaper alternative to the Dyson Air Wrap, it gives you the most amazing blowout and is super quick and easy to use.

Skincare Bundle– best smelling facial products!

Heat Controlled Mug– this mug keeps coffee and tea hot for HOURS on end.

Vintage Jewelry– these jewelry pieces are made with vintage designer pieces that are to die for!


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