NYC Restaurant Guide

NYC is the place to BE!

New York City is an amazing place with a lot of fun restaurants and activities. I just got back from NYC and found some of the most fun restaurants with the best food.


The Smith– a really fun place with AMAZING food. I went there for brunch and got the grilled chicken sandwich with pesto aioli and it was to die for.

The Polo Bar– this place is a MUST if you are in NYC. It’s a little pricey, but a really fun atmosphere. And plus you meet TONS of celebrities! I met Kelly Ripa while I was there for dinner and last time I met Sheryl Crow. I had a filet and it was so good. They also have a fun bar for adults (so my parents say πŸ˜‰ )

Balthazar– this french restaurant is so good and has a great menu for breakfast. I had an omelet and the sticky bun and it was so yummy. They have great lattes and cappuccinos and have amazing food!

Tao– okay when I walked into this place I was SHOOOOOOK!!!! It’s such a fun atmosphere and the entire time I was shazam-ing their songs because they had the best beats playing. It’s an Asian restaurant with amazing food and desserts!! It’s modeled after the Buddha Bar.

Victor’s Cafe– I haven’t really tried real Cuban food until I went here! It’s amazing and was my favorite place out of all the restaurants we went to. It’s a great atmosphere with lots of choices. Their desserts are so yummy. It’s kind of a hole in the wall-but it’s so awesome once u try it!!

Mr. Chow– the best Asian food and the most fun people watching

Beauty and Essex– amazing appetizers and such a fun restaurant that looks like a speak-easy

Black Tap– if you love milkshakes then this is your place!! They have the best milkshakes hands down and they’re also really big so make sure not to order too many! (I learned the hard way)

Sugar Factory– this place is really cool! They have flavored liquid nitrogen drinks (and cocktails) that are super cool for pictures and taste super yummy.

Dylan’s Candy Bar– the LARGEST candy store in the USA!! If u can’t find your fave candy here then you can’t find it anywhere!! πŸ˜‰

Pressed Juicery– I’m sure if you’ve looked at my food Instagram you noticed that I post A LOT of pictures of Pressed Juicery freezes. Because I am obsessed. Basically they take cold juices and put them through yogurt machines, so they are healthy and refreshing but yummy at the same time. They have one in the Meat Packing District and it’s so yummy and great for a quick snack!

The Plaza– inside of the famous Plaza, there’s tons of restaurants and boutiques you can explore. There’s a cute place where you can also have tea and shop afterwards!

Hope this helped if you’re ever going to NYC! Make sure to check out my food-gram: avasflavas to see photos of the food I ate at these restaurants! And for other yummies πŸ™‚


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