Spring Break MUST-Haves

This year has already flown by so fast! And as you know, spring break is coming up, and so I thought I should share my favorite outfits for the break, including swimsuits that are affordable and cute at the same time!

Swimsuit 1– I absolutely LOVE this swimsuit because the ruffles and white color make you look so chic and tan. It’s affordable and ships fast which is great.

Swimsuit 2– Yes, sadly Victoria’s Secret swimwear line shut down, but the PINK swimwear line is just as cute! This swimsuit looks great on every body type and makes your body look incredible! The color really pops and is great for a fun day at the pool or beach.

Swimsuit 3– This one-piece is a must-have! Usually, when I think about one-pieces, I refuse to wear one- but after buying this one I immediately changed my mind! It is super comfortable and makes you feel very confident.

Swimsuit 4– Personally, I am not a fan of my arms, just like a lot of other women. That is why this bikini top is great because it has off the shoulder sleeves and is available in many colors.

Accessories 1– I’ve been looking at accessories to add to my outfits and then I came across this fun and unique type of hat. It looks great on and is super comfy. It adds just enough pizzazz to your outfit!

Accessories 2– This bag is great for a day out to the beach! It adds some fun uniqueness to your outfit and is easy to clean which is a must-have for beach bags.

Accessories 3- I am obsessed with these cute, affordable small hoops! I’ve been asked a lot about where I got them so I thought I should share. It’s difficult for me to find jewelry that is affordable and stays in great shape. I’ve had these hoops for about a year now and they have never turned green or gotten rusty. They’re cute and come in many colors which are perfect!

I hope these accessories and swimsuits give you some inspiration for your upcoming spring break!



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