Look Around You


You might be a little confused as to what I was talking about in the title. I will explain it to you. So, this morning, while I was on my way to school I looked outside. It was gorgeous. The sky was changing colors, and it looked like someone took a paint brush and painted the sky. It took me a while to realize how fortunate I am. Some people don’t get to wake up every morning under a roof, or have food on their plate

. Some people don’t even get to live somewhere where they can just wake up and look outside and there is a beautiful sky right there. We are so fortunate to have the life that we have. This I why we need to be thankful and appreciate what we have. Look around you. It’s a beautiful world and you should be thankful that you get to have the freedoms that you have! Right now, yes right now no matter where you are. Look around you.

Positive mind.

Positive vibes.

Positive life.

Xoxo Ava


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